1. This is the face of a man who is fearing for his balls. 

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  2. jointhecosplaynation:

    Cosplayer: Never Just Whelmed
    Character: Oliver Queen
    From: Arrow
    Photos: Jason Isaac Henwood

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  5. Doctor: ‘Donna, this is not 1920. This is 1914, the beginning of World War I.’

    Doctor Who // Downton Abbey crossover. Donna and the Doctor travel back in time to Downton Abbey. He has promised Donna a ‘spiffing’ 1920s cocktail party after their last, very dangerous adventure. Just, well you know, something small and unexciting…without running.

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  6. ex0skeletal:

    Fun shark attack facts:

    • In 1996, toilets injured 43,000 Americans. Sharks injured 13.
    • In 1996, 2,600 Americans were injured by room fresheners. Sharks injured 13.
    • In 1996, buckets and pails injured almost 11,000 Americans. Sharks injured 13.
    • For every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks.


    1. Humans are assholes.
    2. Sharks are not assholes.
    3. Apparently everyone in 1996 lived in a real-life infomercial.

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  7. runatic-lavings:

    Okay, so I was looking at some videos from The Road to El Dorado for animation inspiration and reference, and I paused for a second to look at Tulio’s face and this happened.

    There’s nothing I don’t love about this picture and I wanted to share it with you, Tumblr.

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    ‘yOU think u cAn do deez things buT u JUST CAN’T SAMMY’


    it’S BACK 

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  9. FAB FEMALES MEME females that are often disliked by the fandomMARY MORSTAN/WATSON (SHERLOCK)
    Because that’s where they sit! The people who come in here with their stories. The clients. That’s what you are now, Mary. You’re a client. This is where you sit and talk and this is where we sit and listen and we decide if we want you or not!”

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  10. videntefernandez:

    I got some requests for different interns so I decided to draw them all.

    And this time I did extensive research on their names to make sure I got their ethnicities right. Did you know Stacy was a Greek name? Fascinating.

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